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Chapter 6

Revan, Arren, Valen, Kreia, Malak, Talia, and Elon all stood above Malachor V.

"Valen, Talia, and Elon... all three of you are going down to Malachor's surface.... Kreia, Malak, and I are going to scout out this planet's natural resources for the Republic." Revan said.... "Arren you stay here, until I get back."

Valen, Talia, and Elon went to the surface as they were commanded by Revan. Elon, and Talia's purple blades were ignited, but Valen's double bladed Orange was not.

"Master is there a problem?" Talia asked.

"Problem... problem... YES! There is, I just remembered we need to get off of Malachor's surface!" Valen replied.

"But Valen, Malachor reminds me of Dantooine, the lush gardens, the grass, the Iriaz, and the Kath Hounds." Elon said.

"You don't understand, Malachor is going to become a Graveyard!" Valen said scooping up Valen and Talia and taking them to his shuttle, by the time they were up at the capital ship, Bao-Dur had started the Mass Shadow Generator.

Half the planet blew to smitherines, and the other half all that was left were HUGE rocks and boulders. From the Mass Shadow Generator, came forth Beasts of Terror and darkness, Storm Beasts. Revan returned to the ship, and found that Mandalore was taken prisoner.

"Take him down to Malachor V, I will deal with him and the other Mandalorians there." Revan said.

Even though the Mandalorians on Malachor were dead, the Mandalorians didn't give up. Thousands of troops rained from the ships and began to battle what remained of the Republic's forces.

There were two Mandalorian Generals left, one's name was Canderous Ordo, the other one was Mandalore himself, but he was captured by Revan. Canderous set out to free the captive Mandalore, but when he saw Revan walking up to Mandalore, he sent a battalion of troops to fight the battle for him.... he knew Revan would kill him, if he went to fight him.

Revan tossed a double-vibro sword at Mandalore, "You will fight me, and the winner will declare the Galaxy his."

Mandalore picked it up and ran towards Revan, but Revan just moved to the side, and the sword cut Mandalore's leg. He screamed in pain.

Revan ignited his own double-bladed red lightsaber, and charged at Mandalore, the Mandalorian dodged a few blows, but then at when Mandalore thought he could get Revan and kill him, Revan Force Choked him and then quickly sliced off his head. Revan bent down and picked up Mandalore's helmet and shoved it in his inventory pack. He just realized that a few Mandalorians were charging him, but he killed them easily with Force Lightning.

Revan went back to his ship and found Arren Kae in pain. "Arren what is it?"

But before she could reply, a droid came into the room and shooed Revan out. About two hours later, Revan heard a baby crying... What the... Revan thought.

He walked in the room to find his wife dead, but a baby girl in the droids arms. Revan took the girl from the droid, and stared at her. The little girl had silver hair, like her father, but the facial features of her mother. "Brianna..." Revan said.
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