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Revan was building a droid, when his daughter Brianna walked in.

"Yes, what is it?" Revan asked.

Brianna said nothing, but her expression said it all.

"The Jedi are looking for a way to reach the Star Forge." Revan said.

Brianna shook her head, and her long silver hair was slapping Revan in the face until she stopped.

"Daddy, Malak won't leave me alone." She finally said.

"What do you mean?" Revan asked.

"He keeps telling me that I'm weak, that I don't know anything about battle." Brianna continued. "But, I have a special ability, an ability that not even you have...."

"What? What ability?" Revan asked.

"Battle Meditation... I can use it to stop the Republic." Brianna said.

Revan was shocked, his daughter had Battle Meditation, like Bastila, and he didn't even know it. Her connection to the Force was just as strong as his and Arren's combined. Which in retrospect was very, very powerful.

The Force was getting Darker by the minute.... as Malak approached.

"Your daughter is weak Revan!" Malak said.

But Brianna had enough, she sought aid from the Force, and Force Choked the dumb apprentice, and then shot Force Lightning at him, making him scream in pain.

"Weak am I, then why can I feel no pain, and you can?" Brianna said, laughing.

"Let him go..." Revan said.

Brianna did as she was told, and then ran off to her room aboard the Star Forge.
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