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"I want to go get in there to find out what's going on with these Jedi they're bringing in there, and even more particularly with a Jedi that was a very close friend of mine that is supposed to be in there. As for the getting out part, I'll have an advantage that no other Jedi that's in there has: an 'accomplice' with a rather interesting set of skills.

If this prison is built like any other prison, then its primary purpose will be to contain the prisoners as opposed to directly controlling them. That should give Beryl the edge she needs to get me out.

If that doesn't work, then I'll have to figure out something on my own. With that said, it does come down to this: if we aren't at the rendezvous point at the specified time, then give us one more week to meet you at a secondary rendezvous point. That'll give us a two week window to get things accomplished.

Its a risk for me and Beryl, but as far as you're concerned, Nic, there's really no other risk involved."

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