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Originally Posted by Fealiks
Oh my god something just dawned on me...
It has been scientifically proven that most of the crap (no offence ) you listen to, Ave, gets to number one on the charts of da top 50 most bangin' toons due to peers and popularity more than the quality of the actual song. Since it is apparent that you don't really care about popularity et cetera (go you), you must actually like it. Weird.
Sure I like some current music. (Thanks dad!) but I'm an obscure fan too. Let's test that and put my iPod on shuffle for a sec...

15 songs with Avery's iPod, AKA Gordie
1. Shirley Bassett-Diamonds are Forever
2. Holly Palmer & Michael Buble-Down with Love
3. The Immolation Scene-Starwars Episode 3: Revenge of the Sith soundtrack
4. The Aquabats-Fashion Zombies
5. Christina Agulara-Infactuation
6. Fort Minor-Remember the Name
7. Michael Buble-Come Fly With Me
8. The Riverboat Gamblers-Hey! Hey! Hey!
9. Queen-Another one Bites the Dust
10. Sia-Breathe Me
11. The Aquabats-Pool Party
12. Queen- We Will Rock You
13. Michael buble-Moondance
14. Bonus Stage Episode 'Slim's Choice'-Craig's Rap
15. T.V. themes-Six Feet Under theme
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