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((Hey, uh. Can I be a dark elf? Don't worry Tepe, I am not going to do Drizzt. Totally different dude.))

The dark elf opened his eyes. To any passer by, he would seem like another shadow in a realm of darkness, but those who would be so foolish, would be dead. He gazed upon the fire, his eyes firy(ey?) red with heat vision. He had been watching the man by the fire for many days.

He immediately became alert as the sound of hooves reached his sensitive ears. He he reacted with the speed endowed to trained elves, and started levitating with his inate magical abilities to the closest branch on the nearest tree, waiting for the man and the hooves.

((If this is unacceptable, then please tell me. Don't go ape nuts on me please. You mentioned orcs, so I must assume that this is a fantasy realm where elves and the like abide. Good hunting.))

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