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As Beryl listened to Ryshana's plan, she began sense Ryshana’s fixed determination to do this, if not now with Nic, then some other time without him. Beryl didn't like the idea of trying to break out of a prison, but neither did she like the idea of Ryshana trying to do it on her own. Ryshana was right—in order to succeed she’d need someone else, an ‘accomplice,’ on the inside to help her.

“The Empire wouldn’t waste the credits and resources to have the entire prison dedicated to containing Jedi,” Beryl said to Jack. “There aren’t that many of them, which means they’ll be held in only a small part of the facility, away from the general prison population. Most prisoners wouldn’t be thinking about getting someone else out, only themselves, so it shouldn’t be too difficult for someone outside of that area to find a way to disable any force-shielding around where the Jedi are kept.”

Beryl looked at Ryshana. “Do you have any plans of this prison, even rudimentary ones? It would save time if we knew where the control points and power stations were located.”

Jana interrupted. “Wait…. you do realise that they’ll bio-scan both of you before they incarcerate you. They’d have to make sure Ry is indeed a Jedi, ‘cause I wouldn’t put it past people trying to turn in ‘fake’ Jedi just to claim the bounty. What I’m not sure of is whether they’ll be matching your scan against files they have, or… or if they have someway to scan for Force Sensitivity in general.”

Beryl frowned. She hadn’t thought of that. If she was discovered to be a Force Sensitive, then that would really throw a hydrospanner in any plans they made.

“Well then, you’ll just have to turn me in under my real name,” Beryl said, “instead of ‘Garajaminder Falsootaavichykar.’ Then there would be no reason to scan me for anything else.” She gave Jana a weak smile. “Remember, I was primary pilot for a blockade runner right before I joined up with you guys. It wouldn’t exactly be out of character for me to be caught assisting an Imperial fugitive.”

Jana gave her a dubious look.

“And just think,” Beryl added, “with me gone, you won’t have to worry about any ‘uncontrolled’ Force users pushing you around.” She paused. “And I am sorry about pushing you, by the way,” she added. “I didn’t mean it.”

Cloud had been relatively silent until now. “What about me?” he asked. “I’m a Force user, too. And after my fight with Sephiroth, I’ll be in the Imp databanks by now. I can’t exactly be on board when we turn you and Ryshana in.”

“No,” Beryl said slowly, as an idea suddenly came to her. “But just before we land at the prison you could bail out in the Headhunter and survey the area for a good place for us to rendezvous.” Her eyes alight, she smiled roguishly at Cloud. “And then, later, you could tell Ryshana through the Force where it is.”


“Well, who else would be able to do it?” Beryl asked. “It’s not like we’ll be able to smuggle a comlink into the prison. And besides, Jack will be flying the Echo. And Nic and Jana have to be aboard to do the turning-in bit.” She grinned. “So, unless you think Oliver could manage to…”

“Okay, okay,” Cloud said. “Point taken.”

“And when the Echo takes off from the facility with the bounty,” Beryl continued, “you can just pilot the Headhunter inside her again. Even if you’re detected on their surface scanners, the Headhunter should just come across as….” She grinned. “As an ‘echo’.”

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