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Chapter 4: The Preparing

Grivis walked up and entered the high council room. He then quickly took his seat.

“Shall we continue?” he asked.

“Yes,” Ferio said. “Of course,” He then motioned for Zeorg to speak.

“Master,” He started. “We have some very bad news,”


“Revan has broken out of our stronghold.”


“He used the force and completely destroyed it.”

“I see…I am glad to say however a weakness has come into him.”

“What?” Ferio asked.

“A girl,”

Bastila walked over to Revan and saw the datapad.

“How far does it go back?” she asked.

Revan hesitated then said, “Since I was found by the jedi.”

“The Jedi and sith archives are gone why do you need it?”

Revan sighed, “No they are not gone…they are in this room,”

Bastila just stared. Revan got up and hit a small button on the wall. The wall spun around and revealed hundreds of datapads.

B-Butt how?” Bastila stammered.

“I went to the jedi temple on Coruscant and searched the old library. I found a chest that was filled with these; it seems they tried to evacuate them.”

Revan reached over and grabbed one. “This one he said was made by Darth Traya.”

He activated it. The voice a Traya filled the air, "Know that there was once a Darth Traya. And that she cast aside that role, was exiled, and found a new purpose. But there must always be a Darth Traya, one that holds the knowledge of betrayal. Who has been betrayed in their heart, and will betray in turn. That was me.”

Next Entry:
"I use it as I would use a poison, and in the hopes of understanding it, I will learn the way to kill it. But perhaps these are the excuses of an old woman who has grown to rely on a thing she despises."

Next Entry:
"I am his rescuer, as he are mine."

Next Entry:
"They will die a death that will last millennia, until all that remains is their code, their history, and, in the end, the shell of their armor upon the shell of a man, too easily slain by Jedi."

Final Entry:
"There are dark places in the Galaxy where few tread. Ancient centers of learning, of knowledge. But I did not walk alone. To be united by hatred is a fragile alliance at best. But my will was not law. There were disagreements, ambition… and hunger for power. There are techniques within the Force against which there is no defense. I was cast down, stripped of my power, exiled. I suffered indignities, and fell into darkness."

“This one was mixed up a blaster shot was to close and it corrupted it.”

“This is amazing, you have restored part of the sith archives.” Bastila said.

“And soon all of it,” Revan told her, not knowing if it was true or not.

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