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Chapter 1 The First Battle

The Empire ships flew toward Kessel at top speed. The ground battle was already raging on the planet below.

“This is Red Leader, over.”

“I hear you Red Leader, over.” Responded Blue Leader, Karth Onasi.

“Ah, Blue Leader ready to land?” Red leader asked him.

“Roger that Red Leader, I’m ready to land.”

“Good, let’s set course for docking bay 27.”

Karth set the course on the navigator and sat back. The Civil War had been going on for over three months and it already was the bloodiest war in the entire galaxy. He hated the battles when they came from space. He was best when the enemy attacked them.

“Blue Leader, help I’ve got one on me, Blue Leader!” Red leader yelled on the com.

Karth jumped to attention as he heard Red Leader’s scream. He looked to his side to see the ship burst into flames and plummet to the ground. Karth swung his ship till he was facing the enemy ship. He fired his blasters on the ship at rapid speed desperately trying to shoot down the ship. Anger filled him as the shots failed to kill the enemy ship. He reached up and flipped the first missile switch firing the deadly missile. It hit the ship making it exploded in flames.

TK charged across the land of Kessel blasting down the enemy clones as he ran. An explosion hit the ground and the smell of napalm stained the air as he ran hearing the screams as soldiers burned as the flames consumed them. Suddenly TK’s comlink beeped.

“This is the 173rd airborne, over.”

“Hi, Karth I recognize your voice.” TK responded.

“TK, I have bad news…Red Leader has been shot down.”

“No… he was a good friend,” TK finished with a sad sigh.

Suddenly napalms hit the ground near TK wiping some of his men to their death. TK watched them burn in sorrow. He raised his blaster and opened fire at the ships dropping the bombs. The blasts barely affected the ships he noticed as they came around for another pass. TK ducked for cover as the ship approached his position. The air pressure of the bomb’s impact blew TK to the ground as it rippled past. The fire spread toward him as he struggled to get up. The ship flew over him and hovered there. TK heard a metallically sounding crackle as the ship switched bombs. A bomb dropped from the air and hit the ground beside TK. The explosion made him fly into the air, he yelled shocked. He then hit the ground dead.

Darth Yoda’s anger raised rapidly as he heard the news from the search squad he had sent after Vader on Ilum finally got back.

“We found Vader’s body in one of the caves on Ilum.” One of the search team members told Yoda, “His neck was crushed and his Lightsaber was gone from the scene.”

“Find the killer you must bring him here you will.”

“Yes, my lord.”

Yoda sighed as the comlink switched off. He had hoped Zeorg would be the one to kill Vader. But with Vader gone Obi-Wan might come out of hiding and he could dispose of him.

The Rebel army stood in attention when General Kenobi stepped out on to the field.

“We had just ended a terrible war, the Clone War, as you all know. But when we had thought there would finally have peace, Sidious revealed himself and turned my own apprentice to the evil Darth Vader.” Obi-Wan said as he began his speech, “Together they all but destroyed the Jedi. Now Padme Skywalker, fonder of the Rebel Alliance has had two children on the same day Yoda turned to the dark side also and killed Palpatine. Sip a Jedi Knight, who I’ve decided to train to train these twins the way of the Force to allow them to become Jedi. But we have to hold off Yoda and his clone and Sith army till they are old enough to fight. Luckily for us, Sidious had a Clone that has made an army of Clones and issued a war against Yoda’s army. Now is our chance to make this war a three way war…and finally have peace in the galaxy.”

The Rebels cheered as Obi-Wan finished his speech. But they knew the War had already begun.

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