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Zeorg’s ship landed on Dantooine. He walked through the small village. He turned the corner and saw the legendary Jedi Enclave. But it looked new and rebuilt. Zeorg stared at it for a second looking for any sign of recent life. He saw a few but they were no sign of treachery. He started to walk toward it Enclave. He activated the door panel. The door slid open. A figure stood on the other side of the door. Zeorg grabbed his saber. But the figure also had a saber, and he used it. The enemy blade flashed through the air disarming Zeorg. Zeorg felt coldness sweep over him. He fell to the floor unconscious.

A figure stood over him.

“Who are you,” Zeorg asked him.

“Obi-Wan Kenobi, why are you here?”

“Why should I tell you?”

Obi-Wan hesitated then activated a blue lightsaber. “Because I can kill you,”

“I’ve come to find a Star Map,” Zeorg said quickly.

“Okay,” The Kenobi reached for his comlink. “ Kyp destroy the Star Map”

“What,” Zeorg shouted. “NO,”

Zeorg leaped at Obi-Wan and grabbed his neck, then broke it. Kenobi fell to the floor dead. H grabbed Kenobi’s lightsaber and ran out of the interrigation room. Zeorg made the lightsaber flash through the air as he deflected blaster shots. Finally he reached the other Jedi Scum who had destroyed the Star Map. The Jedi activated an green saber. Zeorg grinned and flipped around Kyp in a circler motion like Yoda had done. The lightsaber flew out of his hands durinng one of the flips and it shot through Kyps body. Killing him.

Tarkin stood in the Death Star bridge that finally over looked Coruscant.

“Fire twice that should be enough power to destroy all of the planet.”

“But sir,” the captain protested.

“DO IT,” Tarkin roared.

The Death Star fired blowing up half of the planet.

“See I told you we needed two shots fire again,”

“But Sir,”

Tarkin sighed than walked over to the firing console. He than slammed his finger on the firing button. A red warning light flashed like a alarm.

“What Happened,” Tarkin asked the captain.

“I tried to tell you the Death Star can only fire every 5 minutes.” He sounded scared. “You have made a chain Reacti-”

Suddenly the Shot fired destroying Corucant but at the same time the Death Star exploded.

Kyp fell to the ground about to die. He grabbed the gun to a rebel solider and shot the sith lord who had stabbed him. The body fell to the ground in front of him. The Universe was in Peril and now instead of saving it, the Rebels had made it worse.

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