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Okay, FIC System 1 has: Agape [Love], Bion [Life], Kleos [Glory], and Nikias [Victory].

This system was the first to come under juristiction of the FIC, the colonies being the oldest, and largest, being as large as metropolis's, it's colonists several generations old, some people have never seen the empires or cared to know about them, being born on these colonies and all. These are the few colonies that make decent trouble, but it's still rather peaceful comparatively.

FIC System 2: Agathon [Good], Doros [Gift], and Zopyros [Glowing].

These are the second oldest colonies, being around only several years less than the first four. These colonies are sub-metro (small metropolis) in size, and are less suceptable to trouble, though there still is some trouble. It's people aren't as rooted in these colonies as the first few, but they're still a few generations old, and are, as the first few, losing their heritage, forgetting what the empires are like, ect.

FIC System 3: Ajax [Mourner], and Erebos [Darkness].

These are the second youngest of the colonies, being around ten years older than the last colony. They're around Sub-Urban sized colonies, and are rarely any trouble. These colonies begining years were in a time of trouble, pirates constantly troubled the locals as they tried to settle in; this is where the dreary names of these colonies came from. Surprisingly, these colonies are the most battle ready, even though they cause so little trouble, this is due to their begining years as well. These colonies people are just barely rooted in there existence, they only have two generations, and most remember what the empires were like, so forth, ect. The third generation of people is still coming along, the oldest are only five.

FIC System 4: Creon [Ruler].

This is the youngest colony, made not too long ago, and it's final taxation dues payed off. It's around Urban size, and makes no trouble at all. This colonies people are still in the stages of fully colonizing, people are still registering and being transported in. This doesn't mean the people haven't been there for awhile though, it's already growing a decent second generation, the oldest aroun eight. It's people freshly remember their former life and existence, and can't seem to forget the empires, unlike the other colonies.

Each sytem is constructing yet more colonies, one per system, except the oldest, it's sytem colony capacity filled. The newest colony to be construted, and finished will be in FIC System 2, then it goes down the line from there until each colony system has four colony planets, and have grown to metropolis size. Then the FIC will most likely, even before the last few colonies are finished, will attain another system, and start another set, so on and so on, though eventually this massive growth will be stopped, the GE not wanting excesive amounts of I.T. colonies.

Though the vendeta for these in-construction colonies will take awhile, atleast many more years, so massive expantion is still distant, and unthought of.

There you go starmark2k, hope it fits the bill!

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