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The man stepped inside the shadows of the forest that had again fallen silent after a small fight had broken out. The head of the man looked up and a huff was heard in the silence as his nose twitched, smelling. He knelt down and touched the ground, picking up a leaf and smelling it also. A smile appeared unseen by others in the forest as the man stood up. He took his bow on his back and made sure the small dagger on his left side, opposite to the sword, was ready and loose enought. Something had just went past the path. He didn't know who or what, but it was still too cose for comfort.

As he reached the more inner forest, a clearing appeared and a man stood there with bodies around him. He walked with the horse throught the clearing, but stopped next to a lifeless orc and kicked it around and on it's back before kneeling down and examining it. An annoyed grunt left his lips as he stood up and kicked the head so only a crush was heard. He then looked at Quentin.
"Damn things using my traps again as bait. I'm hunting them and they use the traps on travellers. And the many times I've slain their hunting parties. Rather pitiful, isn't it" he said before stepping over the body and examining some of the traps. He would have to fix them before the sun started to go down or something might happen that should not. The man looked at Quentin again afterwards and gave a sort of a smile at him.

"Kalidin, Guardian of Losarion since the days of the Royal Family before this one that has fallen. I am also the spokesman of the forest-dwellers, including fairies, elves, animals and guests. What brings you here?" he asked and looked at the man curiously while the leaves of a tree shuttered slightly somewhere. The long ears of the elf twitched as he heard it, yet he did not look at the direction. The man knew that whatever was following him was getting nearer. If the follower wanted to show himself, he would get to do so sooner or later, but by force if he was to threaten the hidden dwellers of the forest

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