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A knight fully covered with mitril plating that glowed a brilliant bluish color, in the morning sunbreak. His horse clamping its hooves against the paved road, as he made his way to the town. He carried his Mitril tower shield strung over his back along with his Elven scimitar. The man reached the peak of the hill, revealing the town gates of Haldirion. He approached the gate, "Welcome, Traveler."
"I have been gone quite some time. Do you not remeber me?"
"No, young knight. I don't."
"My name is Tekla."
"I don't remember that name. I'm sorry but I can't allow you in until someone knows you in the town, otherwise your a threat to the citizens."
Tekla grunted at the guard. Nobody probably has even heard of me. he thought, as he turned his horse around and started down the road.
He made his way toward the Forest of Losarion, which is right next to where he lived. He thought much of this forest because every night something was happeneing in it, and he dared not go into it during the night.
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