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Originally Posted by crail227
Alright, after playing ojp for quite sometime, ive felt a lack of pressure and tension in fights. I dont feel like theres enough fear instilled in each opponent and i think there needs to be something more to be added.

A little bold, but i would like my idea discussed and see how it might affect gameplay

allow me to elaborate:

To add more tension, i propose a type of "one hit KO" or super move, if u will, essentially this move would take out either all or a large amount of BP against the opponent (of course the consequence of the attack is discussable)

However, this move will involve a extremely slow animation and it will require a wind up to execute. In addition, this move, if parried, would either disarm or put the victim into a heavy slow bounce (again, this notion is discussable)

This is just an idea and hopefully add more tension to the game, and create more fear and depth in the game.

please discuss

Well, I personally prefer to play against bots than no more than 75% DP. Meaning I set maxium point allowance to 60 or 65. Fights are alot more dynamic that way and a simple dodge can spell death if not careful. But yeah I'm not totally opposed to some kind of one hit kill, but its very easy to overpower such a move.

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