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For all you talking about Wookies vs. Sith, remember that the power of the Force is not only combat, and combat is not only using a lightsaber. While it is true that it would not be physically possible to deflect hundreds of blaster bolts coming from all directions at once, Force or no, Revan was obviously not stupid enough to get into a situation where that would be necessary. He was a tactical genius, as is mentioned several times in the game. His power over the Force was enormous, and he would easily be able to sense hundreds of Wookies coming after him. The Wookies might also know the terrain better than him, but as Revan was a great tactician, I doubt he would fail to scout a dangerous area (and no one can deny that the Shadowlands are dangerous!) before entering it himself. He would use tactics that never forced him to face all 200 or whatever Wookies at once. Rather, he would pick them off one by one or in small groups that are easy to kill. He could also use the Force to spread fear or confusion through the ranks, making his job even easier. If he needed information, he could probably pull it right out of the mind of one of the Wookies. He might even use the Force to compel all his enemies to simply throw themselves off a cliff. Revan killed many Jedi, and a non Force-user would be even more vulnerable to his attacks.

This brings me to the second part of my point, which is that the Force is not only combat. Revan was a master of other uses as well. While it would have been Malak's style to go in all guns blazing, killing everything, Revan seems like he would rather slip in and out quietly. He would have no trouble waving his fingers and saying "We aren't the Jedi you're looking for" and that would be that. If he was trapped in the Shadowlands by an army of Wookies, he could make himself invisible, make himself run incredibly fast, or simply rise straight up and back to his ship. Or, if he didn't want to run, he could take control of the Shadowlands beasts and make them attack the Wookies. There's no end to the possibilities the Force offers an adept as powerful as Revan, and he was smart enough to exploit all of them.

This brings me to my last point, which is that Jolee probably spied on Revan while he was using the Star Map, but did not try to attack him because he knew he would die. Jolee, being a Jedi (or former Jedi) would have been able to hide himself from the senses of Revan. Also, while Revan was using the Star Map he was no doubt distracted by the object of his years-long quest. These circumstances would have enabled Jolee to sneak close and find out what they were doing.
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