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Originally Posted by JRHockney*
Well, I personally prefer to play against bots than no more than 75% DP. Meaning I set maxium point allowance to 60 or 65. Fights are alot more dynamic that way and a simple dodge can spell death if not careful. But yeah I'm not totally opposed to some kind of one hit kill, but its very easy to overpower such a move.
Heh? Bots are too easy if you set the max to that in my opinion. For them to be a challenge in a one on one bout they would have to be around 100 something points greater than I. Most of the time I stay at 64 DP while the bots continue to level up to 100+ points, I did this one in Meat Grinder in the imperial control room map, kept restarting the map by votes, I think by the end of that I had around 234 points (The bot trailing behind with 160+ points while I was still at 64 DP :P ) and such, but the server crashed

Now as for the 'One hit KO move,' I do not know if it is such a good idea. It would ruin some of the 2 on 1's simply because it would be easy for the first or second opponent to just spam it and get you from behind. Maybe 'haymaker' like hits would be better, strikes that are slower but take away slightly more DP. But we kind of already have that in the form of attack fakes only attack fakes execute saber locks.
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