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Originally Posted by JackBaldy

Now as for the 'One hit KO move,' I do not know if it is such a good idea. It would ruin some of the 2 on 1's simply because it would be easy for the first or second opponent to just spam it and get you from behind. Maybe 'haymaker' like hits would be better, strikes that are slower but take away slightly more DP. But we kind of already have that in the form of attack fakes only attack fakes execute saber locks.
Thats a good point in the 2 v 1 situation. If some havent already noticed, i got this idead from playing fight night round 3, where there are flash ko punches, which essentially is a "comeback" or 1 hit ko type of move. Moving on, i think this kind of "haymaker" sort of move is a good idea, though i would like to see it as its own attack, one where it doesnt act as the attack fake, but just simply hit the opponent, with the usual balances implemented. (parry=harsh consequences)

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