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Originally Posted by YertyL
If you have already installed the latest patch, you'll need to build a space station level 5 above a planet that can produce cap ships (Kuat, Mon Calamari, Sullust, Fondor, Mandalore or Hypori) to build Keldable class ships.
And I am glad you like the lucasforums
Ah, thank you for the responce.
By any chance, would you know of a way to organize Aggressor's/Keldabe ships better? 70% of the time my Aggressors go in circles before they finaly start attacking (And in circles i mean pretty much going around the planet). I also like to keep Keldabe ships in front so the 2 Special Weapons in front of the aggressors dont get blown off, but aggressors always go in first, go in a circle clockwise, causing Keldabe ships to go in a circle counter clock-wise, and leaving little Vengeance ships to do all the work.
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