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Originally Posted by Maxstate
Pure gunners are gunners without absorb which means you will get prawned by any Jedi or Sith Force power.
I don't think you do. You just have to use more skill to counter them. I find that using the jetpack a lot helps.

WHAT IS fun though is taking Absorb, Jetpack and a flamer as a gunner. It's all you'll ever need to beat anyone!
That shouldn't be the case. You can't flame a fully healthy player to death with one shot of the flamer. You'd have to evade the jedi for long enough to regen for another burst of flame.

The E-11 is totally useless, you need to land 35 bowcaster shots to get someone out of DP, the rocket launcher is only useful if you're willing to take yourself out too.
Yeah, the blaster could use some work. I think the main issue is that it's so hard to hit a jedi that's strafe charging and do enough damage to kill them.

As for the rockets, I think it's obvious that they're not a close quarters weapon

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