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“Whoa, wait,” Beryl said. “Can we rewind from the ‘quality time’ part back to the ‘binders’ part? Do you mean, actual binders?" Her brow wrinkled as she looked at Nic, then Jack, then Cloud. "Do we even have any binders on board?"

"I think," Cloud started, looking like he was trying to remember, "that there might be a pair tucked away behind the..."

"I've got some binders in my room that should work," Jana cheerfully volunteered. "Even got the key. Picked them up the last time we were in Nar Shaddaa. They're heavy-duty," she added, "but, they're adjustable."

Cloud and Beryl exchanged looks, then they both took a moment to stare at Jana.

"Ok-ay," Beryl said slowly. "I just know I'm going to regret asking this, but.... Jana, why do you have heavy-duty binders in your room?"

Jana shrugged. "Just thought they'd come in handy one day." She grinned. "And they have."

"Ri-ght," Beryl agreed. She cleared her throat. "Okay… back to the ‘quality time’ bit now….” She looked at Ryshana. “Now, is that Jedi-speak for ‘training’ or I’m getting in trouble for something? ‘Cause all of a sudden, I’m starting to get that all too familiar feeling like when I was waiting outside the headmaster’s office at school. And, I am really sorry for pushing Jana,” she added quickly. “It was an accident. I didn’t mean to do it.”

She looked at Nic and Jack and Cloud. “And I‘m sorry, too, for not telling you that I was a Force Sensitive. I’ve known it for years, but it was just a label, you know? I didn’t know that I actually could use, or do use the Force until Ryshana pointed it out to me.” She paused. “And I swear, I never knew I used it when playing cards. If I cheated, I didn’t do it on purpose. Honest. I would never cheat my….” She paused a beat. “My friends,” she said definitively. "Will you forgive me?"

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