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Originally Posted by Sushi_CW
Well, I do think that Absorb is too cheap for what you get, whether you are Merc or Jedi.

If the flamethrower made your mishap meter fly up, which in turn made you vulnerable to force regardless of Absorb, I don't think it would be such a problem.

I really like the idea of guns making your mishap meter go up, and I think the same basic rules should apply: high mishap means force vulnerability, and mishap doesn't recharge while you're running. That would make it impossible to be a runner-gunner with huge weapons, and I'm in favor of that.
Amen!!! Since jedi only have a limited amount of swings essentially on a gunner before they get burned to death while they desperately slash at gunners, gunners should get a limited amount of shot spamming before they are vulnerable to force (since higher point gunners laugh off most force powers). I'm not entirely sure about making the mishap bar stop completely while they run though. I might be more fair to just have it go up faster when they are running so they only get penalized for spamming shots and can pull back if needed.

However, the damage done by blaster shots and crossbow shots on saber DEFINITELY needs to go up. Maxstate saying that it takes 35 shots is pretty close to the truth considering a jedi can just zig zag and easily miss 70% of those shots fired at him. Gunners end up just resorting to flamethrower for the kill 90% of the time.

Also, How about if we have a new skill called gunner balance, which determines how fast the gunners mishap meter goes up for spamming shots or flame? Heck, we could even divide it up into two skills, one for the heavier weapons and another for the lighter weapons. With the top rank of these, however, It should still penalize shot spamming enough to give jedi a chance, otherwise they'll just continue to own pure jedis at that level.

And yes, absorb should probably go up a bit in cost, but its not as necessary if we implement the stuff sushi's talking about.

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