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Oh. Me. Oh. My! I stayed up till 3 AM yesterday since my family (and many of hispanic descent) celebrate the holidays on the 24th, Christmas Eve, to countdown to Christmas day. Not the best and not the worst of the 14 festivities I've gone through in my life ([grumble]I could have gotten better presents[/grumble]) so as I blearily trudged to my soft and warm bed, one of the last things to cross my mind before controlled thought and logic gave way to nonsense and dreamscapes was, "I hope Digi updated '25 Days' ..."

'25 days' is the culmination of alot of hard work on your part, obviously it's a challenge to write consistently good material on such a short time limit; school and sleep dont make the job much easier. For that I give you some mad propz. You deserve it. I know few people that could do that. I for sure would be blurting out crap on my 6th day! The writing is sublime and dripping with wit and charm and spades upon spades of detail, the premise unique and enticing, the characterization of DF's IP's top-notch and it really shows you what The Holidays are about. The chapters was also just an excellent way to end thngs.

Ever present in the fic's margins is the collective dream of millions of what the Holidays should really be like. Friends, family, presents you like, Christmas miracles and the childlike wonder of the season most of us lose by the age of 10. A good many of us can not imagine Christmas without the gross commercialization, for many of us it's a picturesque fantasy bound to the realm of wonder and picture books and Christmas cards from a time forgotten. And it's also rather true that by this point, the commercialization seems like a neccesary aspect of the semi-religious holiday we need to enjoy it, though all at once we are aware that it is robbing us of that magic so much earlier than before it became so common. '25 Days' wisks us back to a state of mind where the reader is like a child again, fully engaged in the whimsy of the season in a sophisticated manner.

Even if it was for just a while, and a reality simply so distant at this point, '25 Days' was an utterly charming reverie that lifted spirits and showed us the ideal way to celebrate the Holiday. And now we have to face a much less sweet and charming reality; one of debt and annoying younger relatives and dissapointing gifts and that simply isn't as much fun. But you made the ride a smoother, more pleasent one, Digi. We can only hope that others decide to embrace the spirit and contribute next time 'round.

The Festivities with me and the family may have been done with yesterday, leaving me to web surf in a rather unceremonious and anticlimactic manner, but you are fully enthralled in the Christmas celebrations right now, so I hope your reality is as nice as what you've created in your story. Take this very long winded review as my present, Digi ... MERRY CHRISTMAS!
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