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In this case, RPG's are ussually stories which you can join by creating a character and making him/her interact with the other user's characters through text (Thus the caption "without those nifty 3d graphics" on the forum entry area) Also now people are starting to use recruitment and discussion threads alot where you create your character then after enough people have joined or whetever the creator starts another thread with the rpg and jumps strainght into the story.

For example, in Duel of the Fates. you have to fill out a character creation sheet to create your character.

If you want to create your own rpg then you have to create a small (or large if you want) background story for your RPG and possibly a character creation sheet (most rpg's have them).

Here is a basic charater sheet example:

Appearance: (Height, hair color, etc.)
Class: (Soldier, Jedi, etc.)
Alignment: (Dark, Light, None)
Faction: (Jedi Order, Republic, Sith, Mercenary, etc.)
Rank: (If you are a Jedi/Sith: Master, Apprentice, etc. , if you a re a soldier: General Captain etc.)
Ship: (optional)
Equipment: (armor, blasters, etc)
Bio: (background story of your character, optional)

For better ideas on how to do RPG's, read through one and see what people are doing. Remember also that people may take a few hours to a day to reply to anything.

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*EDIT* I almost forgot, usually there is a basic set of rules for rpg's:
No super characters
No killing of player's characters without permission
No controlling other player's characters
And sometimes:
No controlling important NPC's such as the "Emporer" or whatever faction leaders the rpg may have
No creating major plot changes

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