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((Guess I'll give it a try then...))

Beyond the light of the fire, just into the shadows, a darker shadow lurked. Silent, motionless, and watchful, the young human woman was not dressed by the standards of women of her time. Rather, she equipped herself as a wanderer, near-black hair tied back in a tight braid, reaching to the middle of her back, and lightweight black leather armor covering her. Despite the fact you might think leather would be noisy, she moved with a grace and ease that made her almost as silent as an elf.

Indeed, young Tania, daughter of Garon and Mercy had been raised by elves after the deaths of her parents. Her weapons were an elvish bow with matching arrows bound to her back, a sleek elvish sword strapped to her right side, and twin elvish knives at her thighs.

After a moment of listening attentively from the shadows, Tania slipped forward into the light, revealing herself, icy blue eyes glittering, hands ready at her weapons in case this group should turn out to be threatening.

"Such gathering," she murmured, barely audible to all who stood there before her. "Naught a thing as this has been seen in these parts for as many years as I am aware. What business have you? Introductions? If it be so, I am Tania, daughter of Wanderers, raised by Elves, a Wandering Warrior by my own right."
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