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Originally Posted by UDM
I just thought of something: why don't we just remove the current method of selecting skills, and just implement 3 classes - Jedi, Sith, Mercenary and Force Gunner, similar to how you can only use Light or Dark side in vanilla JKA MP. That way, we can have both pure Jedi, pure Merc or cross class, and we can actually input selective skills for each of the 3 classes without having to worry about how complicated it is to code cross-class penalties etc

As a template here's what I suggest

- All neutral force powers
- All light side powers
- All dark side powers (cost more)
- Saber Attack
- Saber Defense
- Saber Throw

- same as above, except light side powers cost more

- pure merc skills, no saber or force skills

Force Gunner:
- No flamethrower
- no force jump
- merc powers available will cost 2x more
- No saber skills available
You know I already suggested 3 systems like this..

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