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I'm not sure I ever suggested a system which as much freedom as it is now. Well I don't think I would have agreed to it, but it was probably while I was gone. Having all that freedom really leaves no room for movie realism. And of course, unbalanced hybrid classes. And I would play MB2, but this saber system is badass If you are going to leave in a system where this is unlimited freedom like it is now I suggest you think hard on how to balance these hybrid classes because some combinations are blatantly overpowered and just unrealistic too in a Star Wars sense. If there is no balance toward hybrid classes then some things will just fall apart (Or balance in general).

Quick question though, is there anyway to disable the left side of the skill screen? Like you can disable forcepowers and weapons by g_forcepowerdisable or g_weapondisable, what about those extra skills in the skill screen?
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