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death Star II...useless

I think the Death Star in ROTJ wouldn't have been nearly the threat of the first one. Here's three reasons why.

1. The Emperor said that it was fully armed and operational, yet in the film (it's a diffirent story for the games) it seems to be pretty defenseless. No turret guns, no on board fighter squadran I could notice, it seems to rely on a fleet escort and it's shield. I'll get to that in a moment.

2. Just how powerful is it's main gun? We see it destroy a Rebel ship but how effective would it be on a planet?

3. If it were to go anywhere the Death Star would be without it's shield as it has to rely on it's generator. Even were they to be built on other planets it would be vulnerable in transit and the Empire would not be able to build one anywhere. For that matter, could it move at all?

What are your thoughts? To be honest we don't get a good look at what it's capeable of, but it's probably reasonable to say that it has everything the original did. It might not either, which is why based on what is seen I think it's not as fearsome as maybe it's thought as.
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