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"I am familiar with everyone in this forest. How unfortunate to you that this forest has never been in serious danger and there has never been a human living here. Well, except for Boramid the Hermit who lives with the bears more to the mountains than the forest anymore" Kalidin said and hopped on his horse before glancing at the Dark Elf.
"And I thought I told you to stay away from the forest after you almost managed to get a war going between your people and the Fairy people. You're lucky I managed to speak with the Fairy king to let you go so the forest would stay unharmed" the man said and let out a grunt. His eyes travelled between the other people for a while before the elf turned to Tiberius.
"The legends travel far yet there are still those who push their luck. Some people should stay away from those forests that can travel while some should get acwuainted with just those forests. I wonder which one are you of these two groups" his voice mumbled at him before the elf was to glance at the group more widely

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