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Originally Posted by {TheChosenOne}
I would strongly suggest class based gameplay. It is easier to balance, and more fun as well as being easier for RP nuts to RP with.
Won't happen while Razor's the leader, less freedom, less unique, we could only get 3 or maybe 4 classes before razor got sick of coding and balancing, no time, and a great way for new players to say "wow, these classes seem kinda rushed and there's not many of them. Let's go play MB2!" Unless another master coder/modeler/permission getter who's not steppng back or just plain retiring wants to work on seige and balancing such things, it won't happen anytime soon. *coughs*Darthgravyareyoustillwithus?!*coughs*

*waits for Razor Ace to throw an axe at ChosenOne*
*also waits for Razor Ace to throw an axe at ChosenOne*

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