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Pretty much Wedge. I have to add two things though: Make it so Keldabe shield drain does not work on stations AND make it so crusader point defense doesn't work on torpedoes.

The problem with ZC ships is when there's multiples of them in a varied fleet. Nothing can really stand against them. Crusaders are by far the best anti-fighter corvette and can negate missiles and torpedoes, multiple aggressors take out critical hardpoints on capital ships pretty quickly (like hangars, turbo lasers etc) while keldabes are draining shields and vengeance are bypassing the shields of capital ships not targeted by the keldabes, or taking out corvettes and frigates.

When you build a decent ZC fleet nothing can stand against it. Heck, even a level 3 ZC station can withstand a massive assault, due in no small part to the overpoweredness of it's garrison units.
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