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What does Holowan Laboratories have to do with Star Wars?

What does Holowan Laboratories have to do with Star Wars?
If you are new to the name Holowan Laboratories, you probally don't know where it came from. You may not know what it has to do with Star Wars. Well, I have your answer.

"Holowan Laboratories" was first used in 1996, and premiered in a book called "Star Wars: Tales of the Bounty Hunters". If you read the first short story called "Therefore I Am: The Tale of IG-88", you will learn that Holowan Laboratories is the birth place of IG-88. Holowan Laboratories was a science division for carrying out technological advancements for the Empire.

Within the reading of "Star Wars: Tales of the Bounty Hunters", the writter used the phrase 'Holowan Laboratories - The Friendly Technology People'. If you think about how these forums were labled, the use of 'Holowan Laboratories' for a modding forum was appropriate.

One could also conclude that the forum was designed to make a connection between HK-47 and IG-88. Since the original "Holowan Laboratories" created various types of droids for the Empire, the use of the name for the forums is successful.

Lol... Useless knowledge, but interesting.

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