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First of all, Jae, I hope your dad recovers quickly and doesn't suffer any permanent consequences of the stroke.

Originally Posted by Nancy Allen``
Tell me, as someone who takes such a moral high ground (a logical life is a moral life) and as someone who is vehemently opposed to the American invasion of Iraq, it would be fair to say you are opposed to the beliefs of the invading forces being pushed onto the Iraqi people, true?
I know this was directed at Spider, but, as a person that opposes the whole so-called War on Terror, I have to say that when you oppose the invasion of Iraq, it's mostly because you know what's the real reason behind the war - Iraqi oil. By opposig this war I don't say that I hate America (even though I don't love it that much either, not since what Clinton did in '99), but that I oppose the attitude of its recent presidents, in this case Bush, who think that they can attack who they want and take from them whatever they want with little or no consequences. Then again, this really is a topic for a different thread.

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