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Originally posted by Nancy Allen``:

There's a reason for that as I'll demonstrate. With terrorism and Iraq fresh in your mind I would like to have some new light shed on this as I'm still having difficulty with it. Tell me, as someone who takes such a moral high ground (a logical life is a moral life) and as someone who is vehemently opposed to the American invasion of Iraq, it would be fair to say you are opposed to the beliefs of the invading forces being pushed onto the Iraqi people, true?
Hmm, I'm getting a sense... a premonition in fact, that you are about to attempt to compare:

1. A large group of people illegally invading a sovereign nation, using ultra-violent methods to enforce their will and causing massive destruction and civilian death into the hundreds of thousands, purely for financial and political gain...


2. Atheists exercising their moral right to free speech, and noting and discussing the logical flaws inherent in theism.

If my premonition was accurate, then I beseech you, please spare us what would certainly be one of the most ludicrous comparisons in this thread or any other thread in the Senate's history. There is nothing immoral in atheists pointing out that religion is irrational, and that theism is delusional. End of story.

If you wish to discuss Iraq specifically, as Igy pointed out, you should resurrect one of the old Iraq-related threads, or create a new one. I for one will be happy to join any such discussion.


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