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Originally Posted by Leemu Taos
You know, I never knew where the name came from and I helped name the place lol. I just liked the sound of the was a place that I thought we might visit in the game. Can't remember all the details, but I'm thinking it was when Knights 1 had gone gold, Com Raven and I were on icq or something and we had a few other names to chose the time, we didn't even know if Kotor was going to support mods...funny how things work out isn't it?

Btw MacCorp - scroll down.
Lol... That is pretty cool.

All the names in the KotOR forums are noticably Star Wars. When it comes to Holowan Laboratories, people stop and say, "Hey. What a cool name. Where did that come from?". Now they have a reference. Cool.

Originally Posted by milo
Which was, might I add, a fantastic read.
Yeah, I thought it was a pretty nice read as well. IG-88's story gets lost within the fabric of everything else that is Star Wars. Now its connected to KotOR as well.

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