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Originally Posted by razorace
LOL. Yeah. It almost makes me think we should make those forms selectable on the menu and only give them different bonuses, but allow players to choose the look of them in game (i.e. different stances)..but that would potentially be alot of work and we might want to focus on more important things.

Razor, I was wondering. Since you've always been the sabersystem guru, nobody else really knows it very well, and our saber system is practically at a finished level, do you think maybe once you retire from the head modder position here, you might still want to be the head "sabersystem guy" for any tweaks or bug fixes? Ensiform, robo, and maybe whoever else we have helping could focus on the other features and bugs for the mod in general, and you would have much less to do since our saber system is practically finished and be able to improve upon what is your biggest masterpiece as you feel is needed. How does that sound? Also, Happy 8,000 posts!! LOL Thats impressive.

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