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And you made the comparison, despite everything I typed previously.

Yes Nancy, we atheists discussing the illogic of religion are exactly like US/UK troops invading Iraq.

I'm really not going to bother repeating all the points I've put forward to refute your outlandish claims (of moral equivalence with fanatics) in the past, instead I will refer you to post numbers: #19, #28, #49, #59, #61, #67, #73, #86, #93, #106, #108, #110, #115, #117, #127, #133, #137, #141, #156, #162, #167, #168, and many more, all within this very thread, which you can find by yourself. Some are mine, many are not, and all provide logical argument to refute your claims that any atheist here has "persecuted" anyone, or "forced their beliefs" on anyone.

I'm not going to go around in a circle with you again on this. Your claims are spurious and illogical, end of story.

Nothing related to you or your text was edited out of my earlier post. An unrelated quotation was removed. It's nothing that concerns you. Thanks for taking action Skin, by the way.

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