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I know this is an old thread, but as people have said, "This is a sticky."

After thinking about what the Expanded Universe is about, I drew one simple conclusion to all this canon talk. The Star Wars Movies are the sole source of main canon. Everything that is called "Expanded Universe' is secondary canon, and only hold weight to their appropriate series or genera.

What got me ticked about the 'New Jedi Order' is that it pulled all of EU together. I personally hate the idea of unifying EU. Why? What I like about EU (before NJO) was that I could find my own series to hide in, and there were multiple-creative perspectives of Star Wars. Now, every writter has to stay consistant. Grrr... If I want to keep Chewbacca alive, I could easily follow a particular writter. Because of what was descided by the powers-that-be, that is to unify EU, I am beginning to be turned away from Star Wars novels. I no longer have my own EU-canon version to follow. Instead, I have cheap writting, cheap grammar, and cheap storylines to follow. Gr... At the current moment, there is no escape from 'NJO' cannon. Very sad...

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