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“So why are you collecting all of this stuff for the Sith Archives,” Bastila asked Revan.

“I’m going to build a new Sith Temple, but first I have to defeat the other sith,” He told her.

“I see,” With that Bastila left Revan to help Valk drive the ship.

“Ah Bastila,” Valk said. “Call Revan I feel a sith lord on the planet blow us, and I recognize the feeling,”

Bastila called Revan in.

“Revan have you heard of a sith lord named Nihilus?”

Vandar reached over to the hyperdrive and switched it on. The ship blasted in to hyperspace and later left over the home planet of the Hysalrians and his. The ship approached for a landing.

Vandar leapt out of the ship and looked around. He didn’t see anyone, but he knew his finding was close. Vandar for the first time realized the soft mud under his feet felt good. He knew that his species had a taste for mud, but still. It felt good. Vandar shook his head; he had to find his friend.

“Ah, Vandar, good to see you,” a voice said.

“And you, Master Gormo,” Vandar said to his lost friend.

“Why are you here?” Gormo asked leaving the friendly voice behind.

Part 2 COMING IN 2007

1.If you don't know who Gormo is please don't ask. If you do don't please tell. It will be a main part for part to btw its not the gormo that comes up on wookiepedia, its a last name.

2.Sorry for the fic to be cut short. I promise that the saga will be long.

3.Hope you liked the fic.

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