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"And what basis does this serve for? Did I hint at you holding things back from us? Why are you trying to change the subject?
Why am I even responding to this?"

You are basically saying that because it is cheap/exploit/bug (in your opinion) and I use it, that "of course" I disagree it is a bug. And I am explaining that I have reported many cheap things before, none that I have said is not a bug/exploit/blahblah, thus the basis of your argument simply can't stand on it's own. I'm not changing the subject, but you should consider comprehending my posts more before you decide to reply to them.

Like I said, what I quoted you on did not seem to say that the transitions are broken but an earlier post from you says they need to be slowed down a bit. A bit of flip flopping if you ask me though. If you take the quote I took on it's own, it basically is saying that they are fine, and obviously they do not seem to be which even you stated in the past.
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