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Originally Posted by JackBaldy
You are basically saying that because it is cheap/exploit/bug (in your opinion) and I use it, that "of course" I disagree it is a bug.
That is exactly what I'm saying.

That you have reported things in the past doesn't have anything to do with that.
Originally Posted by JackBaldy
And I am explaining that I have reported many cheap things before, none that I have said is not a bug/exploit/blahblah, thus the basis of your argument simply can't stand on it's own.
First of all, you and I don't really need to say or prove anything.
I will let the people that know the saber system prove it for us.

Second, you are talking jibberish to seem smart.
Just quit the pseudo-intellectual crap.

Originally Posted by JackBaldy
I'm not changing the subject, but you should consider comprehending my posts more before you decide to reply to them.
Okay okay, lets see if I got this wrong some how:

First you claimed so:
Originally Posted by Jack
That's just being short sighted and shallow. Just because I can use it well does not mean that I would automatically agree it is not a bug. That's like saying that you will automatically disagree with anyone who thinks Juyo's transitions are too fast because it is your favorite stance. Although it could be the case, not sure.... I don't have anything else to add, at least not until a developer views this and claims it as a bug.
Then after my post explaining that I HAVE admitted it IS overpowered, you saw no real way to further build or dissect on that subject.
What do you do? Well ofcourse, change it!:

Originally Posted by Jack
Max, how many cheap tricks have I done in the past and reported? 009 comes to mind. I just don't think the basis of your argument that because I use it i will automatically agree it is not a bug has anywhere to stand on.
So what am I missing? You first compare us two, and tell me how I didn't want to admit Juyo was overpowered. After I say I did admit it, and quote myself, you move on and start jibba-jabbin' about how "you always report cheap tricks".

Tell me my friend, what am I failing to comprehend?
I think I'm not failing to comprehend anything, I think it's you who doesn't understand what we're talking about here.

I'll use more spaces and paragraphs so it's easier to read and digest for you in the future, you could've just asked .


Originally Posted by Jack
Like I said, what I quoted you on did not seem to say that the transitions are broken but an earlier post from you says they need to be slowed down a bit.
So who fails to comprehend things here?

Originally Posted by Jack
A bit of flip flopping if you ask me though. If you take the quote I took on it's own, it basically is saying that they are fine, and obviously they do not seem to be which even you stated in the past.
The quote you took on, which is
Originally Posted by Me
"They're fine for me, trust me, most of these 'bugs' are ping related.
Just trust me for once you guys."
was referring to
Originally Posted by Jackbaldy
**Makashi has some fast transitions but to a lesser extent than Juyo, may or may not need some looking into.
I was referring to Makashi. Not only were you again unable to comprehend my post, you are twisting my words and dissecting my posts as well. AND, if you notice that I said "MOST" of these bugs, not all.
I have no reason to contradict myself, man.

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