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"That is exactly what I'm saying.

That you have reported things in the past doesn't have anything to do with that."

What it means is that why if I in the past have been known to report broken things which are cheap/exploit/bugs, why would I stop now?

"First of all, you and I don't really need to say or prove anything.
I will let the people that know the saber system prove it for us.

Second, you are talking jibberish to seem smart.
Just quit the pseudo-intellectual crap. "

Well if you're going to go on a forums claiming something then you at least need to back it up otherwise it will most likely be viewed as invalid or just plain wrong. And this is how I type in the forums, much like I type in game, proper.

And apologize for making the mistake of quoting you wrong (although it isn't that much of a mistake considering the 'most of these bugs' part, which means more than one etc.). I must have overlooked Makashi. Anyways, in the Templar server you kept using Juyo and those transitions on me until I repeatedly asked for you to stop and then you finally stopped. Which is more where I was getting my assumption from than anything else.

And when I said you failed to comprehend my post, you did. There's no where in the post that changes the subject. I'm trying to defend my argument that your argument has no basis to stand on because I have never been known for the sort of behavior that doesn't report or admit cheap/exploits/bugs in the past. Anyways, you can continue to say it is a bug, and that for some reason I have changed my behavior completely opposite from what I have been known to behave like, but it means nothing until Razor or another developer who knows the saber system clarifies it.
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