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Originally Posted by JRHockney*
Ok, max I just learned how to do this. After learning it, I'm not entirely sure its yawing based since I think I was able to do the same thing at a distance. Whether it speeds up as you get closer needs to be tested a bit more, but I think it was the same speed at a distance. It seems both jack and sushi have know about this for a while now.
It's not yawing based, it is based on turning your view thusly that your saber bounces on the defender's body when certain attack combinations are made.
Originally Posted by Hocks
Anyways, What I think it is is a combination thats based on how the swing to swing transitions work. Since it chooses an new direction with continual attack, it the transitions go fast in certain combos. That side one you mentioned is a particularly interesting example since the transitions choose those directions after a certain button combination.
Originally Posted by Hocks
On the up side, it can be stopped with a simple parry thanks to the last changes in the parry code. The downside is, if you dont see it coming and don't parry it, it can do alot of damage and so can other combinations that appearently exist. Its kind of like the comboing in the old Killer Instinct game.
It can not be stopped with a simple parry unless the attacker wants to stop it. I've tried it numerous times with Yoda and never was I able to stop it with just one parry. Since it hits so wildly on all directions the direction you have to parry in is quite random.

It's not just that you can't see it coming, it's that it can be repeated with no trouble at all and that it can be spammed and when trained, can ultimately kill any opponent without really dueling at all.

Originally Posted by Hocks
Juyo's combination on the side are definitely ALOT faster though because of the way its animation works and it needs to be fixed (ticketed already).
Why does everyone keep bringing Juyo up? We've ticketed Juyo, I've admitted ingame AND on the forums that itis overpowered... can you stop using Juyo as an argument? It really isn't one..

Originally Posted by Hocks
HOWEVER, I asked razor about the seeming speed up on these combinations and he said its not intentional and maybe a bug. He needs to see it in action to be certain though and whether or not he even WANTS it to be fixed since it is a pretty interesting side effect that may or may not be overpowered once its understood.
Are you talking about Juyo or Jack's bug?

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