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One would think there is going to be an expansion based on how FoC finished but as expressed above what is to become of the Empire and how are they going to be included in a campaign if at all? While it does not necessarily have to translate into the game, the Empire diminishes alot very rapidly and could be considered a minor faction. So will the bad guys now be a resurrected sith faction with all new (and even more unbalanced) ships, vehicles and units? There would not be much in the expansion otherwise if it didnt but it will feel so far removed from Star Wars as we know it. And since Palpatine possessed the artifact and was a Sith himself then I dont understand why he would not have made use of his brethren in stasis. That whole point seems quite ridiculous though I guess someone will reply saying the old Sith Lords were way more powerful than Palpatine and he feared they would overthrow him but thats all EU s&$t is about, making things bigger and better and I couldnt care less about cant say Palpatine, as powerful as he was, and a true sith lord, couldnt control this sith army, yet silri can? yeah right....Im actually keen to seen the next expansion to see what a bastardisation of SW it is going to be.
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