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Originally Posted by JackBaldy
"It can not be stopped with a simple parry unless the attacker wants to stop it. I've tried it numerous times with Yoda and never was I able to stop it with just one parry. Since it hits so wildly on all directions the direction you have to parry in is quite random."

That's funny, both Rache and Hoc ni (after you left and we did some minor testing) parried it. Once you parry it or attack parry it, the combo stops because of how the system works...
Rache went to sleep ?

How many times must I quote myself before you understand?
It can be stopped easy if the attacker wants to stop it. Like if the attacker is trying to show the defender that his attack is not as lethal as it is said to be.

The side 'combo' you use is very very erratic and wildly attacks higher, middle and lower body parts and you only have a random chance of parrying it.

When you DO parry it, you've already lost 30 DP at minimum, all there is left for the attacker is to repeat it.

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