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Greetings all, merry xmas and happy New year...back to topic...yes Doctor I had little else to do....i thought I could actually do these tests or continue getting frustrated by trying to overpower ZC in skirmish without resorting to sending my heroes to blow up their mines....anyway.....the ZC ships are rather powerful and I found that I could be a bit lazier when I was using them as oppossed to fighting against them where I had to concentrate on what I was doing.

Just a point on corvettes, Crusaders are the least accurate against fighters, bombers and corvettes while Tartans are the most accurate but the difference is only a couple of percent at the most. Crusaders have 11 lasers hence the barrage of fire from them and the greater proportion of shots that would miss.

Valter as for the VSD, if you can can get it in close you can win but that is not easy, even in a one on one and being able to use the whole map. In regular maps you are restricted by debris etc. But yes I would feel more confident with a VSD than an ISD sadly. Just a point on the Aggressor tho, I did test the Imperial ships with their TIEs against the ZC and unless the ISD sits on its start point on the otherside of the map and sends out its TIEs the Aggressor will still close in and beat the crap out of it. It wont necessarily win but there wont be much left of the ISD. If an ISD advances on the Aggressor it is in serious trouble. The Aggressor moved quick enough to be able to outrun some torpedo salvoes fired at long range from the bombers. Against aggressors always fly at an angle and dont stop. They are not good at hitting moving targets.

I do agree with you Wedge, tactics played a big part, however the tactics I have used would have limited application in skirmish (only when you only had a few ships) and almost no application in GC where you are using fleets; as mrsparkle says its the ZC strength as a combined force which is really OP. I also agree with your suggestions and would like to add that mass drivers should be as inaccurate against fighters and bombers as a TL. TL inaccuracy is 70%(f)/70%(b) yet MD are 60/55. Ships with MD can basically provide their own support against bombers, even if they are we all know the Keldabe can even fire at ships on its tail...:P I just want to make a clarrification too; Just because Imperials ships get TIEs doesnt mean they win automatically. When i used ZC ships against Imp craft, the Keldabe, Int IV and Vengeance could all destroy their Imperial opponent even with bomber support.

I can relate to your experience Mr Sparkle, when i used ZC, my lvl 4 and lvl 5 stations were attacked by rebel fleets over 120 cap strong and I didnt even lose a hardpoint.

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