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Post Great Lego Avartars

Hey guys l found out this great place to get star wars lego avartars! l would make a link but l dont know how to do a link thoe so anyway heres the website go to this web site and if you have never been to the website click on a few links to get studs then go to get stuff and buy what ever you want ok any problems or questions just ask me and dont forget to save it my pictures ok bye

Star Wars Galaxie Player:

Several Alts

Main Character: Venuew Louthmic
Strongest Weapon: Forward Command Knuckler
Poffesion: Entertainer
Level: 90
Pilot Level: Advance Fighters skill level
Favourite Armour: Katarn Armour (clone armour)
Owns two pets
High leveled Beast Master
Very Powerful moves
Server: Ahazi
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