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Looking at the mutation sections of the Empire creation sheet post i think we have a problem in the fact that some of them are a but tooo broad and open for interpretation. basically i think we should simplify it quite signifantly giving each empire a maximum of three seperate mutations that can occur naturally and 2 that are engineered. This will also happen with the obvious balancing issue to use comparative examples. Michael Samson, who has no mutations (Which should be the norm as it has only been 1000 years) compared to Shien Ciyagi Ryuu Jendai who has Energy control capabilities, extra long life, 2 times extra strength and other various abilities (This is just an example i am not just singlising Master_Archon out). We should have it so if a situation ever came up when these two should meet the normal human should be able to hold their own in a fight, which just wouldn't happen at the moment.

Obviously this is only my opinion so what do you all think?
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