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Originally Posted by windu6
Yes, it is futile, Tyrion.
But these philosophical questions are really fascinating and disturbing to me.
Don't the idea of something that always existed and never had a beginning disturb you too?
I want to make existence make logical sense to me, but it don't make any sense at all.
I find most everything interesting. That doesn't mean it's very useful at all. For example, your assumption in this post that the universe always existed is uncalled for. You don't know. It's easy to create problems with things when you make them up based on... what? If you're just doing a logic game, that's okay. But to say that assumption is reasonable is incorrect.

Well, I'm going to assume they do exist almost everywhere in the Milky Way, we are just going have to have a match of assumptions.
It is ridiculous to me if the galaxy isn't populated by extraterrestrials.
To assume they exist without any real evidence for them is to be irrational. If that's your thing, well, fine. Considering you seem to think that there is infinite numbers of aliens, at least some of them have GOT to be gunning for us, right?

Whatever - just don't try to get public funding for 'defense against the alien hordes.'
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