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Originally Posted by Samuel Dravis
I find most everything interesting. That doesn't mean it's very useful at all. For example, your assumption in this post that the universe always existed is uncalled for. You don't know. It's easy to create problems with things when you make them up based on... what? If you're just doing a logic game, that's okay. But to say that assumption is reasonable is incorrect.
Well, the best any of us can do at the moment is to assume, since we can't leave this damn planet and explore the universe to find out any still unknown mysteries that we can't figure out by remaining in only one perspective.
Can't be skeptical of everything, we got use our imagination sometimes.
I'm not no damn computer, I have a imagination.
So, I don't depend on logic only to make my decisions.
So, I'm not going to be close-minded to any ideas, be they ridiculous.
Also, since it maybe the case of possible infinite realities, becacuse of the absurdity of a ultimate beginning to everything any of us can imagine out there, it will be foolhardy to assume that ridiculous ideas are false because we and I mean everybody in our civilization on this planet.
Because we don't observe or find evidence for it here on this planet, which is still again, our only perspective at the moment.
Originally Posted by Samuel Dravis
To assume they exist without any real evidence for them is to be irrational. If that's your thing, well, fine.
For you to be skeptical of everything, then that is your thing, Samuel.
Originally Posted by Samuel Dravis
Considering you seem to think that there is infinite numbers of aliens
Well, if you talking about existence then, yes.

Originally Posted by Samuel Dravis
Whatever - just don't try to get public funding for 'defense against the alien hordes.'
You got jokes, huh?
Well, because I believe in aliens I'm crazy?
Then so be it, because I be damn I'm going to believe we are the only ones in this galaxy.
Until, someone go out there and search every nook and cranny of the Milky Way.
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