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Originally Posted by razorace
I don't know. I just don't have the time and, frankly, my interest level is low at the moment.
I can understand that. Its got to suck not having your broadband connection anymore, and dealing with your new job will probably make your playing and coding less fun until you get more use to things and maybe even a better connection. I do think you will start to enjoy it again once you start playing it again though. I still would like to get some clans going after the public release.

You will have time eventually, once you get use to this huge transition youre going through. Its all about getting use to things. My best friend has a more than full time business and a wife and four very young kids and still finds time to write music and do alot of the things he likes to do. As long as you've been modding and as little credit you've been given, I can't blame you for starting to lose interest, but heck, with the changes you've made, we could be on the verge of a very well played mod here. You've got plenty of people to help promote it now

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