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ALread here my character sheet .

Name: Darht Quanon aka Darth Saveguos ( mocking name by the other Sith who have exiled him )

Age: 21

Species: -

Eye Color: pitch black

Hair Color: doesn't have hair

Homeworld: a small moon in a nameless system on the outer rim , very near to the unkown regions

Picture and/or Description: ( I'll add a pic later on )

Melee Weapon: Large twin lightsaber , loosly connected by a chain .

Color*: Red ofcourse

Long-range weapon: -

Master(s): Insidious is the one I see as Master for now .

Apprentice(s): -

Political Affiliation: Sith orthodox

Enemies: Everyone not on my side !

Bio: There's not much kown of Darth Quanon , only that the specie he belongs to where Sith slaves in the past . Some of the slave clans had Force sensative childeren amongst
them , these where taken by the Lords as ' apprinteces' , most of them where rather treaded as beasts . Who trained is Darth Quanon is not clear as the brute will not tell of his past .
So far , he joined several Sith factions , but was cast out by many as he was seen as to barbaric and ' Eater of the Dead' . Some of the Sith who encountered this primitive being says he's
a formidable fighter in the field , but can get so frenzied he kills his own man like they where enemys . It's wise to chain this
character !

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